About the rent guarantee service :“大学生協安心スマイ君/the university CO-OP Anshin Sumai-kun

When contracting an apartment, it is required to either [1] have a cosigner (joint guarantor) or [2] enroll in a rent guarantee service.

Among the above, it has become common for many apartments to set [2] enroll in a rent guarantee service as a condition for renting an apartment.

UTokyo CO-OP can provide you with our rent guarantee service: “大学生協安心スマイ君 (University CO-OP Anshin Sumai-kun)” operated by a subsidiary of the University CO-OP. In some cases, however, property owner/management company may specify a rent guarantee company, so first please check with them before your application for this service.


  • ◆Students, staff/faculty members, and researchers who belong to UTokyo
  • ◆Students, staff/faculty members, and researchers who have been admitted by UTokyo and will join the university soon

※There is no requirement of nationality, location of apartment, and Japanese proficiency, but you will need to register someone who resides in Japan as an emergency contact.

Contents of Rent guarantee

Details and the guarantee consignment fees are as follows.

Application Guidelines

① Please obtain permission from the property owner/management company to use” University CO-OP Rent Guarantee Service”

② Please download the application form and fill in the required information.

  • ③ Please send the forms as attached files to UTokyo CO-OP Komaba Sumai (Housing) Center by e-mail.  Mail:sumai@mail.utcoop.or.jp
  •     【Both for Japanese and foreign nationals】    
  •     ・ Completed “Rental Application Form and Guarantee Application Form”
  •     ・ Photocopy of one of the following documents; Student/Staff/Researcher ID card, acceptance letter/certificate of admission,
  •       or certificate of your enrollment/employment.
  •     【For Japanese nationals】
  •     ・ Photocopy of one of the following documents: Health insurance card, Driver’s license, Passport (of photo page),
  •       or National Pension Handbook
  •     【For foreign nationals】
  •     ・ Photocopy of one of the following documents: Both sides of Residence Card, Special Permanent Resident Certificate,
  •       Passport (of photo page and the page showing your period of stay and status of residence)

④ Please wait for a few days until your application has been screened by the guarantor company.

⑤ After the screening is completed, UTokyo CO-OP will contact you by e-mail regarding transfer of the guarantee consignment fee (10,000 yen.)

⑥ After we confirm your payment, we will send you the Guarantor Consignment Contract by postal mail. Please carefully keep it at home.

With this, the procedure is completed. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Mail:sumai@mail.utcoop.or.jp